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Matinee #54 – Finally! Sun, May 22nd, 4pm

Sunday 22 May at 4PM – Matinee N*54 After a looong break we are finally ready to resume of monthly dose of music and good vibes to share with all of you! Welcome to the 54nd edition of the Sunday Matinee c/o Villa Kuriosum. in no particular order: LauraL psyched out guitar from Berlin […]

“Die Ursonate” (Kurt Schwitters vs. Flaviu Tilinca & Notorische Ruhestoerung) @ Hošek Contemporary

Live again… with “Die Ursonate” (Kurt Schwitters vs. Flaviu Tilinca & Notorische Ruhestoerung) this time featured by 2 dancers! Live @ Hošek Contemporary on Wed, Apr 20th, 7pm

Notorische Ruhestoerung @ Peliculoso on Vimeo

Notorische Ruhestoerung aka Yyuyyi @ BSE / Radio Patapoe

Jamming with Bobryk, Shoko Mune and Frank Vis live on Nov 30th 2021! Check it out:

40 Years of HC Living w/ Multiversal & BPF

Private* event:Bring sanitary paperwork and daily negative result as if you are trying to emigrate from the 3rd world to the Euro-castle! Dress code: Cover your face House code: No Photos – No Videos If you are not eligible to provide the necessary documents for this or that reason, the courtyard should be cold enough […]

Dec 3rd 2021 – Notorische Ruhestoerung live @ Zakk Bremen

Notorische Ruhestoerung live @ Green Tribe Amsterdam

Silvan Schimid Utku Tavil Notorische Ruhestoerung Andrius Dereviancenko I/U Bobryk Shoko Larissa Beyla Zwarte Hond Overschiestraat 172A, Amsterdam 28.11.21, 18:00

Game Over (G. Hakobyan) @ Køpikino Peliculoso

DAS SPIEL BEGINNT, deine Figur ist ein EBOY der GenZ. Du erwachst im Labyrinth der Unterwelt. Eine dubiose Bande selbsternannter Götter scheint alles im Griff zu haben. Um an einen besseren Ort zu kommen sollst du einen OBOLUS verdienen, doch umso länger du in der Unterwelt verweilst, umso stärker verblasst deine Erinnerung. Ein Wettlauf gegen […]

53rd Sunday Matinee @ Villa Kuriosum

Once again, here to bring you three local acts to for your Sunday afternoon slack. Welcome to the 53rd edition of the Sunday Matinee c/o Villa Kuriosum. The Music (in no particular ordrrr) Cava Garage duo. Very good, trust us. Uralt Also a duo. Second show with members of Big Eaters, Tanning Bats […]

WAX’N’SCHLASS ft. Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestoerung @ Hacker Porn Film Fest Rome

Check it out: